Will this site be the one that sticks?

Will this site be the one that sticks?
A mural in St. Thomas, Ontario. I would have liked to have written about this trip when we took it during the summer, but wasn't sure where to put the post.

I've been crashing about the internet recently, trying to find a place where I feel comfortable just doing some old school blogging. I've had the urge for months now to get back to writing about daily life and random thoughts the way so many of us used to do back in the early 2000s, but I just couldn't find a good place to do it.

  • My old Blogspot blog is still active (two of them, in fact) but ever since Google threw their "Don't Be Evil" mantra out the window they seem to have turned... well... more evil. So I don't really like hanging out with them any more.
  • I also have a Medium account I'm happily using once in awhile, but to me Medium seems more suited to what I think of essays and articles than slice-of-life blog posts or semi-formed ramblings.
  • I have a Wix-hosted static site for my writing, but everything about their blogging set-up feels to marketing-y for me.
  • I tried Write.as, but couldn't get behind the no-comments thing.
  • I used Substack for a previous publication but things started to feel ethically iffy over there as well, so that publication is on hiatus.
  • I started a Micro.blog account back when Twitter first started imploding, but I don't want every post I make shared like a social media stream (I'll share manually to my Mastodon account when I feel the urge).
  • I've never liked Wordpress, but tried again anyway, mucking about with a free Wordpress.com site. Turns out, I still don't like it.

So here we are.

I like that Ghost has emailing and commenting built in (though you'll have to become a "member" to do either, which I'm keeping free). And I like that I don't have to mess around with a rotating cast of plug-ins to do basic things. But I might find it's not customizable enough, or I get "junk" subscribers leaving spam comments anyway - who can say?

But I'm here for the two-week GhostPro trial, and I guess if you're reading this post and it's more than two weeks old, the trial went well.