Please Excuse the Mess

This blog is going to be all over the place, because rather than having a niche or a brand or a what-have-you, I just wanted a place to share stories and think out loud about the many different things that interest me.

I'll try to use tags to keep things somewhat under control, but really, it's just gonna be what it is.

About Me (as of fall 2023)

  • I live in Ontario, Canada with my partner Steve, two wobbly cats named Charlotte and Rubin, and a squatter rabbit named George.
  • I'm a creative writer (mostly stage plays, plus some fiction and comics) and of course also enjoy the fiction of others, so expect posts about books, films, theatre, and such.
  • My day job is in communications for a nature centre, which is fitting because I love spending time in nature.
  • I've always loved animals and these days am particularly interested in how they think, what they feel, and how we human animals do or don't acknowledge their inner lives.
  • I'm currently studying and developing projects related to humane education. Along with a lot of reading, this includes:
    • Working towards the Humane Education Practitioner Certificate from the University of Denver's Institute for Human-Animal Connection (you won't find that specific certificate listed on their website right now, as we're the last cohort before a major revamp)
    • Working towards the Solutionary Micro-Credential offered by the Institute for Humane Education
    • Developing my idea for a small social enterprise to allow me to bring together my interests in the arts and humane education
  • I'd like to say that I'm also learning French, but recently I've really dropped the ball there.
  • Oh yes, and I'm horrified/terrified by our collective failure thus far to stop the complete collapse of our climate and ecosystems