Books Read in 2024

Just a place for me to keep track of what I'm reading.

An ongoing list I'm mostly keeping for me, since I don't want to use Goodreads more than is necessary, but also tend to forget things if I don't write them down.

(I won't add books that I choose not to finish, unless I want to remind myself to go back to them.)

April 2024

Traffication: How Cars Destroy Nature & What We Can Do About It (currently reading)
By Paul F. Donald
Nonfiction; hardcover; library
Just getting started, but very good so far!

Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection
By Charles Duhigg
Nonfiction; audiobook; library
I had to zip through this as the book is in high demand at the library so the loan period was short. But it was really interesting, especially the first half or so that intersperses information with stories of real people for whom "supercommunication" seems to come naturally.

Atomic Habits
By James Clear
Nonfiction; audiobook; library
This was a re-read. I first read Atomic Habits years ago, but didn't do much to implement the ideas. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Thought I'd give it another go.

Lost and Found Cat: The True Story of Kunkush's Incredible Journey
By Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes; Illustrated by Sue Cornelison
Picture book; library
Recommended by one of my Humane Education instructors at the University of Denver's Institute for Human-Animal Connection as a good book to share stories of compassion for animals from around the world. She was right! This is a lovely story.

Chipmunk Song
By Joanne Ryder
Picture book; library
I can't recall how I found this one, but I was looking for stories that seemed like they would help people take the perspective of an animal, and this lovely book does just that. I'll be reading more from Ryder in the future.

January, February, March 2024

Mostly unknown, as I didn't start this list until late April. See, this is why I need to write things down.

The Forgotten Rabbit
By Nancy Furstinger; Illustrated by Nancy Lane
Picture book, bought, read in March
A purchase and re-read of the book I used to complete my final assignment for the Red Rover Readers program training. Now that George lives with us, this seems much more relevant to my life (and to potential future humane education programming).

A Warbler's Journey
By Scott Weidensaul; Illustrated by Nancy Lane
Picture book, bought, read in March
Selected from the Red Rover Readers recommended book list; plus I like reading anything from The Gryphon Press.

The Cat Man of Aleppo
By Karim Shamsi-Basha and Irene Latham; Illustrated by Yuko Shimizu
Picture book; ebook; library; read in March
Selected from the Red Rover Readers recommended book list.

The Darkness Manifesto (not finished)
By Johan Eklof
Nonfiction; ebook; library; partially read in January
I found it really interesting but it was due back at the library and I think someone else had a hold? I definitely want to go back and finish it.